2019 Swimming Lessons

We haven’t posted here in a while, but we’ve been doing lessons for 3 years now! The only dedicated swim school in Leelanau county is back for more.

We’re announcing our 2019 Winter and Spring sessions, as well as our offerings this summer!

This Winter, starting on Tuesday, February 12th, we’ll be offering our Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 classes. There are two Level 2 classes. Classes start at 4:00pm.

This Spring, we’re offering the same classes, starting on April 23rd.

And this summer, we’ll be doing beachfront group and private lessons. And if you want us to teach at YOUR dock or lakefront, we can do that too.

We look forward to making a big splash in 2019. See you at the water!

Summer 2016 Lessons are now available

Lessons start on Monday June 20th. And we’re doing it a bit different this summer. Two weeks, Monday through Thursday. First session in June, and another in July, starting on July 11th.

You can now register for summer swimming lessons! You can visit the scheduling page and register online, or contact us directly to reserve your slot. We’ll be offering Level 1, 2 and 3 classes (Two Level 1 classes), and if the interest is there for Parent/Child lessons, we’ll add that as well.

If you have any questions, let us know via the contact form. See you at the pool!

Springs Lessons start April 21st

Our next session of swim lessons start soon, on April 21st. We’ll be offering Level 1, Level 2, and our first Parent/Child lessons as well. Two classes each of Level 1 and 2, with max of 4 students per class. You can register online here.

Once again, we’re having an evaluation session prior to the start of our lessons if you have any questions about the placement of your student. This event is on Thursday, April 14th, at 4:00pm at Northport Highlands. You can find more information on Facebook here.

We’re excited to continue to bring great lessons to the area and the community. Please contact us with any questions.

Spring Lessons are coming!

Our next session of swim lessons is coming soon! We’ll be starting on April 21st, on Thursdays at the Northport Highlands pool. We’ll be offering Level 1, Level 2, and our first Parent/Child lessons. Class sizes are limited to four students per session.

Mailing list subscribers are notified first, and we’ll post the details here on Tuesday, April 12th for everyone else. See you at the pool!

Beginner Lesson Class Sizes

Hey everyone! Thanks to all of you that made it out to our Open Swim events. We had 25 participants over the past two weeks. That’s great news!

However, it did bring up a question. There are a lot of young children (age 3-6) who have little to no skills in the water. It’s my opinion that a class size of larger than 3 or 4 children of this age group and skill level will be chaotic and borderline irresponsible for me to administer. I don’t have the backup of another instructor or a stand alone life guard yet, and I think that any more than 2-3 kids is going to be too much to handle while trying to get someone to float on their back.

I’m of the opinion that these lessons would be better served as 10-15 minute one on one lessons, instead of a small group setting. At least for the first few lessons with the student. Maybe even the first full session. I feel that you’d be getting no more than 10 minutes of dedicated time in a group lesson anyways, so this cuts right to the heart of the issue; a trusted instructor working with their student in the best scenario possible.

So, to get a feel for how you’d prefer to have your child’s lessons, I’ve set up a small survey again.

Please visit our survey here to let us know how you feel: https://leelanauswim.typeform.com/to/PoSSxZ

Welcome to our Website!

Hey everyone! Our website is finally online! You’d think that I’d be able to use my fancy web developer skills to put something together a little bit faster, but we’re finally up and running.

Now you’ll get less email from me, and now you can find more information here about the services we offer, session schedule, as well as pricing information. Our blog and intranet will be there too.

We’ll be posting the first session schedule this week, with lessons starting on Thursday, February 4th.